Posted on Dec 11, 2018


Headlining our final Girlpower of 2018 are two of G&B's favourite comics and two of my absolute fave gals, the epitome of pure class that is Dame Theresa Thompson's-Gazelle (aka Sarah Crowden) and the sultry songbird that's had us to our feet on more than one standing ovation, the mellifluous Victoria Howden. Your MC for the evening will be the wonderful Fiona Simpson and the rest of the funnies will be from this selection of femmes fabulous:

Jordan Gray
Kelly Maria
Delea Shand
Katie Price
KellyMaxine Ford
Fiona Clift
Kate Herron
Emily McQuade
Leslie McJagger
Julie Grady Thomas
Riecha Sharma
Natalie Lucille Walker
Claire Haus
Rosemary Harris
Kayla MacQuarrie

Let's get the Girlpowewr fund over £1,000 before 2018 is out.

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